Breakfast: Oatmeal with Honey

4 years ago

oatmeal is one of my favorite foods. i bake it into cookies but i also love it on its own. my dad taught me to make it in the microwave two years ago, and i ate it addictively for a while. for some random reason i stopped, but the past few days i`ve noticed that my fiber intake might be a little low. *ahem* time to eat a lot of oatmeal!!

my dad`s been eating oatmeal for years because his doctor told him he needs to lower his cholesterol. the stuff works! my dad`s cholesterol levels have gone down a lot since he`s started eating it. i`m not really monitoring my cholesterol because i`m pretty sure i don`t need to yet (*knock on wood*), but it`s never too late.

AND for those of you who are trying to eat fewer calories, oatmeal keeps me really full for quite a while. i had it this morning around 9 and went out for a few hours with my friends. all of my friends were hungry by noon but i could`ve kept going for another hour or two!

i like to add some natural sweetness so a bit of honey is all i need. i think it`s the perfect complement! it`s a lot healthier than adding something like cane sugar too. if you don`t like the plainness of oatmeal, experiment with different toppings. personally, honey is more than enough :) i`ve also tried my oatmeal with nutella. a little too sweet for me, but i know a lot of y`all are nutella fans, and that might be a nice combination to try.

do you like oatmeal?

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