Breakfast For Dinner: Turkey Bacon amp Cheesy Scrambled Eggs

5 years ago

My boyfriend and I love eatting breakfast for dinner-its fast and delicious. Breakfast is both of our favorite meal of the day so why not turn it into dinner as well? A huge plus for me when cooking breakfast as dinner is how fast it is to whip sucks when i go to work at 7 AM and dont get off until 5:30 the time i get home im spent and the last thing i want to do is cook a dinner that takes an hour or more.
I love making Eggs because they literally take 5 minutes to cook! This time i scrambled up 4 eggs for my boyfriend and i to split...then i added cheese on top with pepper.
I`ve never made or even had turkey bacon before i decided to pick some up just to try something new. I wasnt sure how to cook it at first since it looks so different from regular bacon-so i just put it on the skillet and cooked it until it looked fully done. I alway cook my bacon longer then usual as i like it to be a tad bit burnt and extra crispy. So, i went ahead and cooked the turkey bacon until it looked completley done and kept it on the pan for an extra 3 minutes or so.
My boyfriend really liked the turkey bacon and said he perferred it over regular bacon. I thought it was pretty decent as well, im weird when it comes to textures of food and so after eatting the bacon i wasnt a huge fan of how chewy it was. It wasnt bad though and i most likely will buy it again beings how much my boyfriend liked it.
Overall it was a decent meal and super fast to make!

Do you like eatting breakfast for dinner?
Thanks for reading!
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