Breakfast For Dinner

4 years ago

On Saturday I had planned to get up and make a fantastic breakfast for us before we started our day. Well, that didn`t happen. JUST as I started my oven my mother in law called my phone and said she had broken down. She wasn`t too horribly far from where we live (we were the closest family to where she was) so we all got dressed and headed where she was. (well, I turned off my oven and put everything away, lol!). Originally, I was just going to stay home and finish cooking the breakfast. I`m glad I didn`t. What turned into a quick trip turned into an My husband ended up repairing what he could of her car in order to get it running and off the side of the road and then to point B where he could continue to work on it and actually get it to the state it was before it pooped out. Whatever, long story... basically, breakfast didn`t happen. Buuut..... we still had a fantastic dinner. We had breakfast for dinner!

I made some biscuits with homemade gravy, grits, scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Yes...all of that. It was going to be just bacon with biscuits & gravy, and grits... but I have the Picky Boys to deal with and of course they always want to add stuff....and I`m a fantastic mama and wife (if you can`t tell...this is sarcastic tooting of my horn... not really puffing myself up...) if I can manage, I`ll cook the other stuff... so one requested pancakes and the other eggs.

I couldn`t eat everything I made... lord have mercy, it was too much food. I only had the biscuits & gravy, a piece of bacon, and a small thing of grits..... and THAT had me feeling like I was going to die.

The photos are of my husband`s plate because he had a bit of everything. My plate would have been boring. THOUGH, I did snap a picture of my grits because my husband DIDN`T eat that. :-)


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