Breakfast: Eggs WBiscuits amp Gravy

4 years ago

I woke up this morning planning to make a ham and cheese omelet. Well, that got chucked out the window when I realized I didn`t have any more ham and didn`t want just an egg omelet. I realized I still had a container of biscuits, though. I always have cooled bacon grease in my fridge, reserved from when I make bacon. I decided to make some biscuits and gravy as well as scrambled eggs with shredded cheese over the top.

This would have been healthier if I had just stuck to the eggs, but once the idea of the biscuits & gravy hit there was no going back X-D

I grew up loving my moms biscuits and gravy and I make mine the same way she always did. I start with the bacon grease and add some flour. I let that cook and get rid of the raw flour taste. Next, I pour in some milk and whisk like a mad woman. I add a touch of salt and pepper to season and voila, it is done. That gets spooned over the biscuits for a very comforting breakfast.

As usual I had my coffee on the side. I`m a zombie in the morning and really do rely on my coffee to get me going. I always put a bit of vanilla creamer in it. If I happen to run out of my creamer, I just add a bit of sugar and milk.


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