Breakfast: Costco Bagels :)

5 years ago

for breakfast, i had a bagel from costco. BEST BAGELS EVER. they`re supposed to be from noah`s bagels but they`re made in costco, which makes sense because i`ve never seen my favorite "parmesan bagel" at noah`s, only asiago cheese bagels!

these bagels get moldy if you don`t refrigerate them, but when i toast them straight out of the fridge they still end up too cold! for me to get them as hot as i`d like them, i`d have to over-toast them, making them burnt :(

HOWEVER, i`ve devised a perfect method! i take these out of the refrigerator and slice them into halves. then i pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and then toast them. they come out perfectly crisp on the outside yet still chewy. then i just add some cream cheese and i`m good to go :)

i figure this would work with any bagels that you have in the fridge but especially thicker, larger bagels like the ones from costco.

these bagels come in dozens for $5, i think. quite a good deal! there are a lot of varieties from plain to onion to everything to parmesan cheese. they come in sixes so you can get two different kinds in a dozen and have six of each.

have you tried costco`s bagels?

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