Breakfast: Coffee Bread

4 years ago

as a huge fan of coffee, my eyes lit when i saw this bread at 85C bakery. OF COURSE I HAD TO GET IT, IF ONLY TO TRY IT ONCE! i haven`t had coffee for quite a while because i try not to have it on academic breaks when i don`t have to have it. during the school year, i have it way more than i should hehe

this bread was a nice way to get a little taste of coffee without actually drinking coffee and getting jittery. the bread tasted just like coffee. it wasn`t sweet at all, except for little bursts of sweetness from these clusters of sugary goodness. i feel like that`s the only way to describe it LOL

at first, it was kinda disappointed because of the lack of sweetness all over, but i think for a coffee bread, i shouldn`t have expected it to be super sweet. the coffee is definitely there, and i`m happy about that! that`s all i can really ask for.

there are also raisins, which i found to be kind of random. if it were me, i would switch out the raisins for chocolate and call it mocha bread. then again, i`m a chocolate fiend and i always get a little disappointed when what i thought were chocolate chips turn out to be raisins :(

have you ever tried a coffee pastry?

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