Breakfast: Boo Berry, Wheat Puff Rice Cereal w Banana

4 years ago

<div style="color:#000; background-color:fff; font-family:Courier New, courier, monaco, monospace, sans-serif;font-size:12pt"><div style="RIGHT: auto"><var></var>This is what I had for breakfast yesterday morning.&nbsp; I didn`t have enough time to make anything protein-based so I went with the quickest possibility- cereal!&nbsp; I picked up a box of Boo Berry at Target when they dropped 50% off two days after Halloween.&nbsp; Boo Berry is seriously my favorite cereal (aside from Apple Jacks) and since it was only a point higher than the cereal I normally eat, I figured why not treat myself?&nbsp; A later thought was I know why I don`t eat sugary cereals because there isn`t much of "anything" to them and it sends my sugar plummeting an hour or so later.&nbsp; Anyway!&nbsp; This is 1 cup of Boo Berry cereal, 1 cup of Quaker Wheat Puffed Rice cereal and 3/4 of a banana (sliced).&nbsp; I used 1/2 cup
unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 cup skim milk.&nbsp; Overall, it was good - sugar spike/plummet aside, yummy!</div>
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