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Good Morning Lovelies! I wanted to start today off by showing you what I am having for breakfast! I am really starting to try to eat healthier and keep up with my workout routine. These past several weeks have been super busy for me at work and I have been letting go a bit. Yesterday morning a coworker of mine was eating something that smelled AMAZING for breakfast. Seriously, they could make a candle from this scent. So of course I had to ask her what it was. She said it was cranberry oatmeal from Rachel Ray. I went to Food Lion this morning to try to find it but I couldnt. What I did find though was this Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal in the flavor Summer Berry. This is delicious! It was so good I really want to make another one- but I am holding off because I want to stick with my diet. The only drawback was- it is 2 dollars for one container. That is a bit steep, but I think I can swing a couple a week considering how good they are!

I also picked up one of the Naked Juice Smoothies in the flavor strawberry bananna. I like to sip on these in between breakfast and lunch. It helps prevent me from snacking. I am really bad at eating little things throughout the day but of course those things add up to a lot and thats no good.

I also picked up a fruit, yogurt and granola parfait to eat as a snack later. Between these three things I will probably be full enough to not eat a huge lunch so that will be good! I allow myself to have one soda a day, so I did get a Mountain Dew but I also got a 35 oz bottle of water as well!

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