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4 years ago

This past Sunday my Fiancé (It feels weird saying that lol..) wanted to go to the flea Market (La Pulga). If you live in Chicago and well the whole world knows NATO was in town. So getting anywhere near downtown was a big <STRONG> NO, NO </strong> for me. I`m glad I don`t live that close because I respect what they are doing but would become annoyed with the

We decided to go to our favorite little restaurant up North. It was my first time going during breakfast hours but I will definitely not be my last! I wasnt that hungry since I had drank a cup of orange juice. So I decided to order what looked the smallest meal in the menu. As you can tell from the picture it sure wasnt small!!!
The boyfriend ordered <em>Chilaquiles con carne asada</em> He loves this! Since he lives close to this place hes a regular customer and they know what hes going to order lol.. The <em> chilaquiles</em> come with cheese, sour cream, onion and of course the <em>tortilla</em>.They also give you the option of choosing Grilled chicken breast or two eggs. I had to taste a bit from his plate and its really yummie!!!!
I ordered the <em>Huevo Rancheros </em> plate. It consists of two eggs on top of two semi fried <em>tortillas</em> with chili sauce served on top. The sauce was not spicy at all. Something I was a bit bummed since I really enjoy eating spicy food. Initially I had ordered this plate since the waitress told me it was a big plate. She lied!!! Lol.. It came with a side of refried beans and rice. It was also good! I just couldnt finish it. I think it was because I kept taking food from my boyfriends plate. Lol..
I usually just have a shake or something really small for breakfast. Once in a while its <em>ok</em> to indulge yourself in a big breakfast. Dont you think????

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