Breakfast - Fats, Protein amp Carbs

4 years ago

You know how if you haven`t eaten something in a while, you forget how good it is? Well that`s my case with avocados. I go through phases of foods I enjoy eating and some times the grocery store I go to doesn`t have avocados in stock so it gets over looked. It`s something I haven`t had in months. In the past two weeks I`ve been having half an avocado with my breakfast, along with eggs topped with Frank`s Hot Sauce and hot salsa, and a sliced banana. I normally don`t have two eggs in the morning unless I am super hungry and I was starving this morning so I had two. I took the picture before I put hot sauce on the avocado as well. Hot sauce and avocado are new best friends now along with corn and hot sauce but that is a whole other thing lol. I swear I am probably going to get an ulcer from all of the hot sauce I`ve been consuming.

Do you like avocados?
Are there any fruits or vegetables you haven`t had in a while that you find really good?
Does your breakfast have fats, protein & carbs?

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