Break Some Diets Rules!

5 years ago

When on a diet, people can be to strict with it and make very tough rules that sometimes are difficult to keep up and will either make you feel miserable or set up to failure.
While reading some websites, i found this article that mention diet rules that can be broken and I actually agree with those.
Here are the rules(the tittle of each rule is quoted from the source) and my take on them:

<strong>- No Cheesecake, Wine, or French Fries - </strong> This seems to be a obvious thing people with cut out due to the high calories and its not that nutritional but having your favorite dessert or some French fries sometimes can be beneficial because it will help avoiding bigger craves because after a while thats all you think about, it can actually be beneficial for your diet because you are changing it up and don`t feel deprived.

<strong>- Salad, Every Day - </strong>This seems to be the obvious food pick for a lot of people on a diet but sometimes is not the healthiest or best pick. First, eating salad everyday will make you hate salad and vegetables, which is not good and second if you order those salads with all those sauces the calories can probably be as much, if not more, than "regular" meals.

<strong>- Have to Exercise to Lose Weight - </strong>While a good workout session has tons of benefits for health and weight loss, it can be exhausting do it every day, so just make sure you are more active in each way you can with taking the stairs, parking far away, go for walks, etc.

<strong>- No Carbs - </strong>Have commented this in a previous post about Naomi Campbell that says she has no carbs ( see here : ). Zero carbs is not healthy for you because you need them for energy everyday. You can cut them a bit and pick the right ones but don`t cut them out completely.

<strong>- Have to Measure Out Everything - </strong> While this helps portion control, you will go crazy and obsessed with it. Measure maybe once or twice and then start doing it by eye, just don`t go maniac with it because that is not that healthy.

Hope this helps and takes a little bit of the stress of a weight loss diet or just a healthier one.

<strong>Do you have any strict diet rules? Will you break some of these rules also?Do you like cheesecake? (lol totally random!) </strong>

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