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5 years ago

Hello beauties from luuux!

Today I want to review this epilator, it already passed some time since I got it (december 2010), but still, I guess I would be more accurate on my review if I have a year using it.

For the begining a big ADVICE: Do not try this product if you aren`t pain resistant, for example if you don`t like wax for depilating...

<strong><em>What is this??</strong></em>

This machine is like those electric shavers (it have an atachment that work as a razor too), but what it does is pulling the hair out. It comes with 3 atachments: pain reduce masager, precise epilation (adapts to the countours of your body for a better epilation) and the razor atachment (for the sensitive zones)

<strong><em> Pros </strong></em>
<ul><li><em> It will save you lots of money and time compared to wax</li>
<li> It get rid of any kind of hair: from coarse to thin.</li>
<li> You can use it in any part of your body.<li></ul></em>

<strong><em> Cons </strong>

<ul><li> Price: in amazon is about $100.</li>
<li> It could pinch you very painfully: if you don`t `stretch` your skin in those delicate areas (like the armpits or the bikini) it could hurt you.</li>
<li> If you are not pain resistant or never tried wax or other epilation method that pulls the hair out, this is definitely not for you</li></ul></em>

<strong><em> Overall...</strong></em>

I like this! I used to use wax before for epilating my body, and it was messy and I got some wax burns sometimes or if did use it at a colder temperature wax didn`t work well. Now with this electric epilator I definitely said bye-bye to wax, it works as well without the mess and the burns... it even have a led light so you can see those tiny uncolored hairs that usually escape out of the wax.
I highly recomend this epilator!

So tell me, what do you think of this? Do you use wax, or you shave or use creams?? Did you ever tried?

Don`t forget to leave your awesome comments! I`ll return the favor.

Thanks for reading!!

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