Braun Silk-Epil 3: Better then shaving?

I`ve seen YouTube videos of girls saying how epilating is much more better then shaving and it can also lighten the appearance of your underarms so I really wanted to try it out for myself.

I finally found one in-store at Walmart so I had to get it, it ran me about $50. There are other brands from Remington and Emjoi which will be cheaper or more depending on the type you get. The Silk-Epil 3 cannot be used in the shower and it has to be plugged in for you to use it, which I don`t mind anyway.

The epilator consists of 20-25 little tweezers at the head which rotate and pull out hair quickly. It sounds painful well, because it is! I`ve plucked my underarms before because my girls said it was better then shaving, but I didn`t have the patience so I went back to shaving. I`ve tried waxing, but its too difficult for me to do on my own. Epilating definitely hurt, I couldn`t even do it myself because I was too scared. I had to have my boyfriend do it for me!

They say the pain becomes bearable when you continue doing it for awhile so we`ll just have to see how that goes. As for the results, it`s been about a week and there is no hair growth yet which is good for me because I always felt that my underarm hairs grew quickly.

Definitely check it out if you`re tired of shaving and want a cheaper alternative to waxing!
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