Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Mustard

2 years ago

Oh, this is one of my favorite Asian dishes to have for dinner. It`s made with pork belly and preserved mustard. Omg!! It is soooo good. My mom made this dish for me and I just have to ask her for the recipe. I could eat bowls of rice with just this. The meat itself has a layer of skin, fat and then lean meat. I am not a fan of fat portion on meats but with this dish I just put the whole thing in my mouth. If you sit at the dinner table with me and if there is any fat part on any meat, you`ll see my biting that portion off with the exception of this dish as I mentioned above. The fat part just melts in your mouth but you will have to braise it really slowly and for a while for that to happen. Oh and the preserved mustard is sooo good I could eat this just with rice too if I had too much meat for the day. There are two kinds of preserved mustard though, sweet and salty. It`s your personal preference as to which one to use but my mom prefers the sweet one. With the salty one, you need to soak it for a couple hrs up to a day so it won`t be that salty when used to cook this dish since you will be adding other ingredients. I can`t wait to eat this dish again. My mouth is just watering just thinking about this.

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