Braided Top Knot With Plaits

A quick little hair tutorial :)

1. Make two braids in the front of your hair using small sections. Refer to the black and white picture above, you`ll see the two mini braids there.

2. Pull all your hair back into a tight pony tail, and get is as high on your head as you can. (Try flipping your head over)

3. Braid your pony tail in one single braid, all the way to the end of your hair. Tie it off with a small black elastic band.

4. Make a top knot with your braided pony tail by twisting your braid around the pony tail holder to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Super simple and really really cute!

I got the tutorial from That place is amazing. I swear you should check it out. It`s a non-profit organization built to help high schoolers achieve their dreams. So they do charity events to get enough money to send kids to college, pay for their first year, and help them get a job so that they can get enough money to actually get through college. This was taken right off their "about" page; "The Shine Scholarship Project is a non-profit that was created by TSP to put our beliefs in action. Its mission is to improve the lives of at-risk teens through service, education, and family involvement. We do service projects with inner city students every other week to teach them the leadership skills that are necessary for them to succeed. The money we raise goes to sending these leaders to college, so they can give back to society." It is really such a cool charity and if you want to get involved you should check it out :)

Lol, that part was longer than the actual tutorial, huh? Anyway, hope you guys check that out and hope you guys get this tutorial alright :) If not just comment and I might try to post a video. I would have done that in the first place but right now m hair is kind of.. egh. It`s all knotty from last night--I couldn`t sleep AT ALL. Plus it`s just my lazy day, and I`m only wearing a big ass hoodie, a bra and pj shorts. Cause yeah, I`m home alone today and I`ve got nothing to do but eat ice cream and be lazy :3

And now I`m rambling. Okay, bye bye for now :3

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