Braided Apple Spice French Pastry

4 years ago

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<div style="RIGHT: auto">Everyone says don`t go to the grocery store when you`re hungry.&nbsp; I typically try not to do that -- but since I was going to the grocery store to pick up my lunch (my local grocery store has stand-alone sections where they cook or prepare foods - salads, sandwiches, etc.) - I was hungry!<var></var>&nbsp; While in there I was grabbing some fruit I`d need for the rest of the work week -- but when as I was grab my lunch and check out these Braided Apple Spice French Pastries jumped out at me.&nbsp; I`m a sucker for anything apple pastry wise and they looked so yummy!&nbsp; So ... I bought them.&nbsp; And they are really good.&nbsp; The only sweetness you get is from the course sugar on top of the pastry, which I brushed off a bit of as I ate one.&nbsp; They are rather large pastry sticks so I ate 1/3 in a sitting.&nbsp; It`s a classic french pastry, where it`s light, layered and will undoubtedly make you "wear"
pieces of the crust as it falls all over the place.&nbsp; Messiness aside, these are really good!&nbsp; The only downside with pastries like this is they don`t really give you a whole lot of filling.&nbsp; I can do without the added layers and the sugar -- throw some more apple in there!</div>
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