Bracelet collection and my Fossil watch

5 years ago

I have so been meaning to do a post about my bracelet collection since ages ago but I guess pictures piled up in the file and I completely forgot about it. I don`t usually wear all of them at the same time only a few at a time. Although in my youth, I have been know to pile my bracelets on from my wrist almost to my elbows. Yeah, too much but I had a mind of my own even back then so that`s how it went.

So this collection consists of silvers and black. I like to be all matched up. I`m OC like that but I`m really trying to get out of my old ways and I`m now trying to mix things up special between gold and silver. But that`s for another post.

Meanwhile what I got are some of my favorites, my go to bracelets. Of course I always need a watch with whatever bracelets I wear. Back to bracelets.... on the second picture below the fossil watch is a silver flower like bracelet with pearls and onyx in each flower. Bought it at a store in Glendale, California, I can`t remember the name of the store but they had some really unique pieces. Below that is another metal belt style bracelet with my name on it. It`s not silver I don`t think but it never tarnish. Below it, is a black plastic/rubber bracelet also with my name. I bought the last two with my name at a store here in the Philippines called Aiko. Lastly a silver bangle from Mexico, a gift from my aunt.

So do you like your bracelets all piled up like so or just simple one will do?

Photos are mine.

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