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sooo i know the title of this post is boy toy..and that`s weird! lol but. there is a reason for all that madness. first, he was my boytoy....just someone i wasn`t really interested in, someone i just talked to once in a while, making sure he knew that i was only his friend, nothing more.

but we are happily dating, for over 1 and a half years....!!! 0.0 wow how the time flies......!!!! but it`s exciting bc we`re so comfortable with each other now and that makes us that much more dependent on each other, leaning on each other from time to time.

i`ve had my share of relationship problems in the past, believe me.. and it sucks.. i liked the same guy for 8+ years.....and we only met maybe once a year. but every time we did, physically i was SO aware of him that when we texted, called, emailed, etc, it was SO REAL that i just never thought about ending this big lie/crush. it didn`t stop til i became interested in my boyfriend. he really was PRESENT and DEPENDABLE, which a great guy should be. he was there for me, and when i asked for space, he accepted. EXCEPT when he thought it would jeopordize our relationship. i am so thankful for him in my life.

anyone else have any relationships that just didn`t even DEVELOP? any long, drawn out, twisted love story? a love triangle? :( i feel ya. i`ve been in all of em.. and they weren`t pretty, but i got through them and i really think that those experiences make us a stronger, better person

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