Hello Luuux Family,
You wanna have a party for your son ..In he do not know it.Well you little boy would love to have spiderman party set. but your wondering where to get paper planted an cups and more cheap well here you go.You can get them from the Family dollar store, to make his day and in your saving money.Boy like spider man knowing that mommy are daddy or granny got you Spider man Stuff..It would make he look cool.Not everyone get what they want.But when its your birthday some time you do.
On top of that , make show kids are setting down so they dont drop there food on the floor. You wouldn`t wanna have a mess to clean. special if it your good stuff.Where serving the kids make sure they are Setting down at the table .Then bring there food to them.so they can eat.
You can get the hold set for a little nothing.Hope you like.

Source link: http://www.familydollar.com/pages/party-supplies.aspx

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