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4 years ago

So for Canadians today, it was our Boxing Day! So Boxing Day in Canada is very similar to the US`s Black Friday, people are crazy I tell you, I`m one of those crazy people haha! So I think I bought more makeup this year than I did clothes, usually I buy a lot of clothes, but this year was like massive makeup haul haha! I think I can attribute that to the deals from Sephora, usually I never bother with the Sephora deals because usually by the time I get there, theres like nothing left, but this year...OMG I went crazy in Sephora, I got a majority of the $12 deals and was like GAWSHHHHH! So onto my goodies!

<strong>The Color Institute`s Create the Look Caribe Set</strong>:
Original - $9.99 CAN; On Sale - $4.99 CAN
I got this as a spur of the moment really lol! Now the Color Institute is made from the same company that makes Wet and Wild so I`m hoping it might be up to par with Wet n` Wild shadows, but I`m not putting a guarantee on it! It comes with 4 duo shadows, an eyeliner, a mascara, a pressed powder, a nailpolish, and a lip gloss, not bad for $5 CAN though! I`m excited to try this out!

<strong>The Body Shop`s Shimmer Cubes in Palette 24</strong>:
Original - $22 CAN; On Sale - $10 CAN
I`ve been dying to try these babies out for so long! Since The Body Shop`s original line of shimmer cubes weren`t on sale, I decided to pick up the Lily Cole Shimmer Palette instead and give them a try!

<strong>The Body Shop`s 4 Smoky Eyes Set in Smoky Moonstone</strong>:
Original - $28 CAN (I believe); On Sale - $10 CAN
After seeing my sister pick another version of this set (Smoky Copper), I really wanted a set too but the one that my sister had, I already had a lot of similar colors, but then when we went to another mall, there was a different variation and I quickly picked it up! It seems like it is a very taupe based palette so I`m uber excited!

<strong>Bath and Body Works` Paris in Bloom</strong>:
Original - $12 CAN; On Sale - $4 CAN
I absolutely fell in love with this scent when I first purchased in about 2 months ago when it was only 50%, I had only bought one because I wasn`t sure if I was going to love it or not, and honestly, this is the best scent that Bath and Body Works has every created. I dunno how to describe the scent, but its not overpowering or weak though!

Now onto the Sephora goodies! Some items were their $12 doorcrashers while some items were on sale! Funny thing, when I was lined up to check out, after scanning my Beauty Insider Card, the cashier was like you are now a VIB, I was like thinking to myself...mmmmmm I`ve spent too much on makeup this year LOL! But apart from that, when you become a VIB, you get a 10% discount on your first purchase as a VIB, so when I went to another mall and hit up the Sephora there, I also used my 10% discount ontop of Boxing Day prices and man was I a happy camper! Their doorcrashers are so hard to get, and the mall opened at 8am, I walked in at 8:30am and everything was gone...I was so heartbroken, but standing at the display with the $12 doorcrashers, people started to put down some stuff and I quickly grabbed them up one by one haha!

<strong>Make Up For Ever`s Aqua Eyes Liner in 10 (Black)</strong>:
Original - $20 CAN; On Sale - $12 CAN
Originally, I had gotten two for my sister because I knew she really wanted these, but then when she came she was like I only want one and I couldn`t resist, so I had to take the other one! I`m excited to give this liner a try and hopefully this first product from MUFE will impress me enough that I will be compelled to try other things from this company as well!

<strong>Benefit`s Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in R.S.V.P</strong>:
Original - $24 CAN; On Sale - $12 CAN
So the first Sephora we went to, they didn`t have this as their doorcrasher, and I was uber bummed out, I was so excited about this because a lot of people had told me that Benefit`s cream shadows were pretty good! Thank god though that R.S.V.P wasn`t like a funky color like a bright green or blue, I wouldn`t have bothered then, but R.S.V.P is a beautiful champagne highlight color, definitely something that can be used as a base for almost any color!

<strong>Urban Decay Single Eyeshadow in Ecstasy</strong>:
Original - $20 CAN; On Sale - $5 CAN
I know these were their old compacts but hey I couldn`t pass up any deal like this so I decided to pick on up just for the sake of it! They had some colors that I wasn`t really interested in until I saw Ecstasy, all purples draw me in! It was originally in a $10 bin on the sale shelf, but when I when to ring it up, it was only $5!

<strong>Urban Decay`s Wallpaper Palette</strong>:
Original - Unknown Since It`s Discontinued Now; On Sale - $12 CAN
I was actually looking forward to getting this today when I got the email from Sephora like 3 days ago about the doorcrashers, but obviously at such a price, if people had the chance, they would have snapped it up already by the time I got to Sephora! This was true until someone decided they didn`t want it and put it down and I immediately took it! I was hoping to pick up another one for my sister, but didn`t have any luck! This is obviously a discontinued palette, but it has some colors in there that I don`t have yet!

<strong>NARS Mini Blush in Super Orgasm</strong>:
Original - Unknown; On Sale - $12 CAN
I`ve always wanted to try NARS out, but honestly they are sometimes too overpriced for me! I really wanted their mini blush and bronzer duo for $25 CAN, but I have been absolutely unable to find it in store! So this blush is extremely small, I was kinda hesitant about this purchase but decided what the heck might as well! I actually really like the color when I swatched it so I`m excited about using it!

<strong>Buxom Set with Lashliner Brush and Lashliner in Sequin</strong>:
Original - Unknown; On Sale - $12 CAN
So I decided to picked this up because I hadn`t tried anything from Buxom before! I thought this would be cool for me to try out! I thought this was good deal because for the full sized blushes, there is 0.16oz, for $32 CAN, and this mini sized blush is 0.12oz!

Lastly, I didn`t buy this but it`s for my birthday, the Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo, which I absolutely love it!

So here is everything I got and honestly, I couldn`t be happier with my purchases!
What do you think of everything I got? Like it?

*Pictures are mines!

Thanks for reading :)
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