Bowling... An Olympic Sport??

4 years ago

I`m interested to hear your opinions. Should bowling be an olympic sport? It`s something that has been going around the bowling community (and yes I am a bowler) and I think it`s an interesting topic. The bowling community has been called out by some wrester guy named Vince Gerrard (?) I don`t know who that is, but he said something along the lines that anybody can bowl. When I tell people I`m a bowler, that`s what I usually hear. "Oh anybody can bowl, bowling isn`t a sport." It`s what I`ve heard ever since I started, and I wished that other people would take the time to hear me and other bowlers out when we try to give them a glimpse into the bowling world.
I think it`d be interesting for bowling to be an olympic sport, I`m not sure whether it`d be in the summer or winter olympics or how the format would be, but we have a Team USA and a lot of countries have phenomenal bowlers that give USA a run for their money. I really want to type an essay on why I think bowling should be an olympic sport, but I won`t. I wanna know what you think, and if you`re willing to listen, I`d love to explain competitive bowling to you :]

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics!!! I`m excited for both men and women`s gymnastics as well as watching phelps and lochte swim :D
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