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5 years ago

Hey guys!

Been in need of a new eye liner for a while now and was always curious to try out felt tip liners. After much consideration, I decided on Bourjois Liner Feutre. Burning a small hole of £6.99 in my purse, it was slightly more costly than it`s competitors. None the less, it was still quite averagely priced.

What Bourjois says: A soft felt-tip eyeliner for ultra easy application and long lasting effect. [Info from Bourjois website.]

Does it actually work?
The pen itself has a very sleek design which makes it easy to hold giving easy application. The brush is, as mentioned `a soft felt-tip` type of brush with a slight firmness to it, thus allowing precise application. Despite how great the brush sounds, I was disappointed upon using it. The liquid would not readily flow to the brush and so I would only be able to draw on half an eye before the brush dried up making it very frustrating to use. As seen in the photos, this brush is hit or miss. Sometimes, the ink would flow out perfectly giving a nice intense black line. At other times, the brush would be dry giving a crappy line. I would have to continuously recap the liner and shake it to help the flow of ink to the brush.

Onto the formula. The formula itself is very dark and intense. It is fairly long lasting as advertised by Bourjois, however, it definitely not waterproof at even water resistant for the matter as shown by the last picture.

Would I recommend it?
Personally no. Although this product in theory would be great, I can`t help but be disappointed with its application. The brush itself is great and would give great precision in lining your eyes, yet it dries out far too quickly for my liking. In addition to this, the ink does not seem to want to flow to the brush either. Having said this, I have read reviews on this product where the reviewers loved it. With all that said, if you are an eye liner addict looking to add to your endless collection or have money burning a hole in your pocket, then by all means try this eye liner out.

Would I repurchase?
The answer to this would be a straightforward no. When buying this product I thought it would be a great cheaper substitute to the Dolly Wink Liquid Eye Liner which has a price tag of around £9 (on Sasa). This eye liner did not live up to my expectations and I feel it would be much more worth my money to spend a little extra on perhaps an eye liner such as the one from Dolly Wink.

Thank you for taking your time to read this review, I hope it helped you out or was enjoyable to read at the very least.
[All photos were taken by myself and belong to me.]

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