Bought Myself a new closet!

5 years ago

The fact that i`m having a baby was big news for me and my boyfriend -or fiance how i can call him now- and we decided to move in together. My father owns a building with 75 flats, it`s brand new but the building is allready solled for 80% on the last minute i asked him to keep one free for me and my fiance, and so did my sister! Now me and my sister live in flats next to eatchother. on the moment we can`t move in because they`re still painting and doing last things. I dediced to put my furniture in a way i can easily move it downstairs for when the movers come. But thanks to my handy sister, my little closet broke.. it holded my sheets, pjs and other things so i reall needed a replace right NOW. because me and my fiance had allready picked most of our bedroom furniture i had an idea about what i needed. We allready had a big closet for our clothes, but we also needed some extra space for our sheets and other extras. I decided to go pick a small closet to put in the corner. It has 4 shelves in it so i can put allot of things in it. I was also able to chose how the shelves came, because there are allot of holes to put them in, you can basicly choose how they come and how much space is between them.
Now i`m using it in my room for whatever was in the closet that broke. It`s a pretty kind of wood and it`s amazing, i spilled some fluid eyeliner on it, and i was able to get it off with a wet tissue! i was never able to do that before when i spilled fluid liner!
I bought this at a store called weba, it`s similar to ikea but has better quality furniture for the same price. The fact with ikea is that it always has the same things, year after year and i just wanted something new! I payed only $79 for this one, and i didn`t even had to put it togheter myself, but this is only if you buy over $75 and if you have place in your car to take it with you when it`s putted togheter. Luckely for me we had room in the car!

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