BOTD: Low Fat Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips!

4 years ago

Good Morning Everyone!
Now I know pumpkin is more of a fall type food, but I LOVE it and could eat it year round! I googled some low fat pumpkin bread recipes and found this one! I added it to the link below.
However, I made a few adjustments to the batter:

* Instead of two egg whites, I used one egg white and one whole egg... mainly because my hand slipped and I dropped the yolk in the batter :P
* Instead of using oil, I used applesauce
* I also switched half of the sugar the recipe called for to Splenda to further cut down on calories. I know, Splenda is supposed to be bad for you, but I figured I should try using the rest up before buying some Stevia :) That`s probably why the bread didn`t rise as much as it usually does with pure sugar.
* Instead of Pepitas, I used chocolate chips, just as a little indulgence

Overall, this was an ok recipe. Maybe I screwed it up by doing the substitutions listed above, but I kinda figure low fat pumpkin bread is never going to compare the normal fatty kind. This really tasted a bit more like a dense bread pudding rather than bread. But, hey, my brother liked it and he`s pretty picky so maybe it wasn`t too bad!

Overall, this recipe was about <b>103 calories<b> per 1/2 inch slice!

Pictures are mine. Recipe is not mine and is listed in the source link below.

Source link:

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