BotD: Kale, Egg, and Sweet Potato Skillet

4 years ago

This is a really easy breakfast that I cooked using a skillet. I seasoned the pan with olive oil, salt, and dried rosemary, then added some sweet potato. After that was mostly cooked, I added some kale, and let it cook/wilt for a couple of minutes. Finally, I added a couple of eggs, and stirred everything together, so that it would make a "scramble". And voila! A healthy, complete breakfast. :)

If you have a skillet, I`d really recommend making your breakfast in them. They got hotter more quickly than regular frying pans, which saves time. Also, the food you`re cooking apparently absorbs some of the iron in the pan as you`re cooking, which is great if you don`t get enough iron in your diet or are anemic (which lots of people are, from what I understand). So use that skillet! You can also make breads, cobblers, and other yummy things using a skillet, as well. =)

<strong>What did you have for breakfast today?</strong>

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