BOTD: Hashbrowns

4 years ago

OK. I am not sure if everyone loves the hashbrowns from McDonalds. But I do. But it`s just too expensive. 99 cents for one, yeah 99 cents may not be that much but it adds up especially if you are ordering more than one. And that one tiny hashbrown doesn`t fill me up and since I love how it tastes, I gotta get more than one. So I knew they had hashbrowns at grocery stores cause I spotted them a long time ago and just recently bought some more. All I did was just heat them back up on a skillet. You can do it in a oven or even deep fry them but that would be just too much work. And it came out soooo good, almost like the ones in McDonalds and bigger too. And of course I gotta have my ketchup with those hashbrowns.
Do you like hashbrowns??

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