[BOTD] Farmer`s Omelette

4 years ago

Last weekend, my family decided to go out for breakfast because we had guests over! :D We went to a local eatery called "Coffee Cup Diner." They`re only open for breakfast and lunch everyday (8am-2pm). I`d never eaten there before, but my younger sister LOVES it. She especially loves the omelettes and Thai food (the owner is Thai so there is a Thai portion of the menu). The place was actually really small, only room for about 10 tables, and everyone was pretty close together. Also, the biggest table only sat 4 so we had to split up to two tables. Kind of inconvenient, but I think the small size adds to the character of the diner :)

I got a <strong>Farmer`s Omelette</strong>. It was so big and filling! I can see why my sister raves about this place so much! It had green pepper, sausage, ham, hash browns... I think there was some other things in there too, but I don`t really remember since it was last weekend. The whole omelette was covered with sausage gravy... I LOVE SAUSAGE GRAVY. It`s so delicious :) hehe. It was served with two slices of toast and jam. I also got some hot chocolate to drink hehe. So juvenile, but I LOVE getting hot chocolate when I go to restaurants... I don`t really know why... Guess it`s just a memory/habit from childhood. haha.

What did you have for breakfast? :D

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