BOTD: Breakfast Burrito amp Banana

5 years ago

This is my breakfast from this morning. I`ve been trying to switch up what I am eating and how I am eating things because my metabolism is catching on and it`s been slowing down -- hence stalling my weight loss. I know when I become a habit eater I don`t lose weight so this is my path in hopefully the right direction!

For breakfast this morning I had scrambled eggbeaters, cooked with minced garlic, chopped orange peppers and then seasoned with black pepper and italian seasoning. When done I set it aside and cooked up a turkey sausage patty. When it was done, I cut it up into small square pieces to incorporate it in with the egg mixture more. I then layered this onto a wheat flax lavash wrap, sprinkled some with hot sauce and ketchup and rolled it up. It was QUITE yummy and filling. I did not eat the banana right away, I saved it until mid-morning and had it as my mid-morning snack. Not pictured I washed this back with a nice tall cup of cinnamon sticky bun coffee.

Quite a yummy breakfast!

What did you have for breakfast today?

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