BOTD - Blueberry Fruit on the Bottom, Oikos Greek Yogurt

5 years ago

So, third time is a charm for this yogurt. I purchased this a week or two back and my niece came over and confiscated it from my refrigerator and ate it on me LOL. I then repurchased it and when I got home, the ding-dong that works bagging groceries put large cans IN the bag with my yogurt and it was popped and allllll over the cans in the bag. I then repurchased it AGAIN yesterday and finally got a chance to eat it and I can say, it is REALLY good Greek yogurt!

Oikos has their staple brand which is typically strawberry and raspberry Greek yogurt, but the contents are all combined. This version has the fruit on the BOTTOM for you to mix in or eat separated -- however you enjoy it. The one thing I found interesting about this one compared to the version that`s already mixed together -- this version (fruit on the bottom) has 0g`s of fat, while the mixed version has 4g`s of fat.

The taste of this is typical Greek yogurt, thick but slightly sour with it`s pungency ALTHOUGH I will say this isn`t as tart as other Greek yogurts out there (and I am primarily comparing to Chobani which I love) and I say that`s a good thing. The blueberry compote on the bottom mixed well with the yogurt and gave it a nice flavor, while also keeping chunks of blueberries in there as well.

It`s also quite filling considering this particular yogurt packs a punch with 12g`s of protein, while it also has 20g`s of carbohydrates and 19g`s of sugar. Definitely not a bad snack or even breakfast.

Do you like Greek yogurt?

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