Boston Bombings: Is It Really As Bad As Everyone Says?

4 years ago

So everybody has heard about the Boston bombings which took place yesterday. A bomb was set off during the Boston marathon yesterday evening as the athletes were reaching the end of the race. Over 100 people have been injured and 3 have died, including an 8 year old child. But is it that much of a big deal? Everyone is talking about it, posting photos and statuses on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram about it and acting as if its another 9/11. Yes, of course, it is a tragedy and the people who are responsible are vile to cause such violence and terror across the world, but while everyone was hearing about the Boston bombings, 120 innocent Afghans were killed by US soldiers in an Afghan wedding. I find that even worse, that military personnel, who are supposed to be protecting the vulnerable and get paid for it, but because it was done by Americans that it was obviously an accident because Americans can`t be terrorists and that its not important because it happened in Afghanistan and the USA is superior? That is what I find sad- that nobody cares about the developing countries who have to face that kind of horror everyday.
What do you think? Did the Boston bombings get too much coverage or not?

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