Bossaball! Let`s Play?

4 years ago

I personaly don`t know many things about Sports, just because I left my "career" so years ago. But, I was looking for new Sports and because here in Portugal is almost summer, I think nothing is more cool than go out and play some games with friends, isn`t it?

For who doesn`t know, Bossaball is a very cool game. This game mix football, gymnastics, volleyball and poultry <em>(A little bit weird, isn`t it?)</em>. And this game is played with a ball and with two teams which will play against each other. The "field" for them to play is a simple inflatable mattress and also two "beds" which are separate with a network <em>(live in Volleyball)</em>.

<strong>Rules About The Game:</strong>
The rules are pretty simple. The objective of the game is put the ball in the field of the opponent <em>(simple, isn`t it?)</em>. Each team can only touch 8 times in the ball to pass the ball for the opponent. The strategy of the game depends of the team but normally the strategy is to pass the ball for the player who is in the inflatable mattress to try to make points. There are no many rules for the ball, the ball can touch in every part of the body of the player but only one time in the hand, two times consecutive in feet and head.

It`s really simple to make points, it`s almost like Volleyball. You only have to make the other team let the ball fall down. If the ball fall, the team who pass the ball for the other team earns 3 points.

<em>Oh My God, you definately have to watch the video, the way they play is simply amazing. I really want to try that and <strong>I am sure that you will want too!</strong></em>.

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