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4 years ago

I have been seeing quite a lot about recently. I have skimmed their site but not in depth at all. A couple of weeks ago I decided I needed to get more rhinestones. I have been putting it off because any nail supply stores and craft stores around me want to charge an arm and a leg (perhaps an organ or two, too) for them. It is insane! The same goes for other items like nail glitters or brushes. NUTS! I finally took to Amazon. I found several wheels that I thought I would like but the reviews had me a bit iffy. I ended up checking Born Pretty because so many people have said they have nearly everything you need and will sell it at better-than-most prices. After browsing the items they offer I decided it was best to get a bundle. It seemed that was the most cost effective. Some of the items I already have but for the tiny amounts difference it wasn`t worth buying the wheels individually. The package I ordered came with 3 rhinestone wheels (really, the item I was after), 4 bottle of nail glue, nail striping tape, 5 assorted sized dotting tools, and orange wood sticks. The image plate was supposed to be free...or that is how I understood it. The first 10 for the day with a code entered will be free. If it doesn`t take the code then the 10 for the day are gone. If it accepts your code you are good. If for some reason a mistake has been made, they`d email you and ask if you are still wanting the plate. If not, they`d remove it and you`d not be charged. Well, I never received any email or anything and I did enter the I was under the impression I made it for the first 10 of the day. Apparently not because my invoice shows I was charged for it. Not expensive or anything, but I wouldn`t have gotten it otherwise. I`d have used a code that was current for a percentage off of my total order price. I didn`t really need these dotting tools as I already have a set. However, these are much prettier than mine. Mine are just wooden handles plus this pack seems to have a couple sizes I don`t have. I can always use more dotting tools, right?! There are only a couple images on the plate that I actually know I`ll get use of. I`m not a Hello Kitty fan (which, I know, is why most people get this plate) so that will probably never get used. Or rarely, anyhow. I know I`ll be able to use the clover next March, though! To be entirely honest, I cannot for the life of me remember if it mentioned striping tape as part of the set or if it was an additional throw-in item. Either way, it is lovely and I`m going to put it to use soon. Seeing this one has kind of made me want to order a bunch. I`m such a sucker. LOL! The rhinestones were really what I was going for. YAY! This pack came with three wheels. All of the wheels are multicolored. One wheel has just circular, basic stones. Another has hearts. The last one has stars. I`m excited to finally have more to play with. I have a wheel that is nearly empty and so I have been stingy with them. These wheels are very full and will last me a long time, even if I used rhinestones in every manicure I do going forward. To quickly sum up my thoughts on my ordering experience with them: The prices were fair on the site. Some of the info about shipping confused me, but nothing serious. I`m a tiny bit put off about the image plate. Shipping time was long (just over 2 weeks from when I put in my order) BUT it had to go from Hong Kong to the U.S. I wouldn`t rule out ordering from them again, ultimately.
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