Born amp Raised by John Mayer

4 years ago

Ok so can John Mayer be anymore of a big baby. His new album Born& Raised leaves much to be desired. This guy is really trying way too hard to be great. It really just doesn`t work for him. What happened to the John Mayer of old? The John Mayer who wrote, "Love Song For no One" or the album "Room for squares" was a phenomenal musician and creative person. His live album "Any Given Thursday" blew me away with the creativity and pure genius on the guitar, but as of late he has left quite a bit to be desired. The John Mayer Trio didn`t do too bad. I didn`t hate it, but man was he pretentious in his changing of styles. He really started making these changes with his hair, wardrobe and personality that were very obnoxious.

Back when I liked John Mayer I use to read articles about him in the magazines and online and realized the more famous he got the more and more he felt like whining.

Is it me, or does it seem like he just found a book of clichés and ran with it in his songs?

I guess its my own fault, I use to love John Mayer during his "Room for Squares" album and a bit after that, but now he just works my nerve. I guess that`s what I get for expecting to much.

Have you heard the new album? Eh, I can live without it.

Let me know what you think,

am I being to harsh or do you feel the way I do?

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