Bored of Your Coco?

This weekend, I had a craving for a mug of hot coco, but warm milk and coco powder sounded soo boring! I started experimenting, and I came up with some uber-yummy, easy ways to liven up your cup.
1) Add some cinnamon! When I tasted my cinnamon-coco combination, it reminded me of christmas and sitting by the fire. Yumm!
2) Mintmintmint! You can NEVER have enough mint. Swirl your drink with a candycane or grind up some mint leaves and boil them in.
3) Go Dark. Using dark chocolate mix or melting dark chocolate makes a deeper, richer flavor than milk chocolate does, and its a nice change.
4) Add some coffee leftover from this morning to your mix. It`s sort of like a Mocha, but with more chocoalte than coffee.
5) My personal favorite, Chille Powder. It sounds weird, know, but half a table spoon to half a cup of coco is sooo tasty. If spicy scares you, you`ll be fine! Its not hot... I really cant explain it. Its just sooooo good.
Try these out & smile. Thanks!

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