Bored? How about a game of Snake? On YouTube! D

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers! :3
Soo... I`m pretty sure all of you have gone through a time when you were impatiently waiting for a video to load on YouTube. I`m not so sure when this was exactly made or put onto YouTube, but recently, I found out that you could play a game of Snake while waiting for a video to load! :D
For those of you that don`t know what Snake is, Snake is where a chain of boxes move around and your objective is to add more boxes to that chain of boxes. There will be one random box somewhere in the screen, and your job is to hit that box to add the box to the moving chain of boxes. Of course the game gets more difficult as you add more boxes, but that just makes the game more challenging and fun! :)
(Usually, there would be boxes used, but for the version on YouTube, they use circles, so you could replace the boxes for circles for this post)
Also, you lose if you hit any corners or get out of the screen. But, it`s just a game, so who really cares if you lose? ;)
So, to "play" this game, you can either press the up button or the down button while the video is loading (when the circle in the middle is evolving) and your game will be right there!^^
I honestly think this is an awesome way to wait for a video to load, and it also calms down my boredness/impatientness! :3
So anyways, I hope you enjoyed today`s post guys. Thanks for reading!c:


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