Boot Strap Haul And First Impressions

2 years ago

I`ve always find it irritating to have my jeans rise up in my boots when I walk. Which would result in me taking off my boots throughout the day to retuck them in so they don`t look all scrunched at the knees (not a pleasant look). So I`ve always been trying to find ways to keep them from scrunching up but haven`t been able to until now.

I rarely stop by Bed Bath and Beyond mainly because their products don`t really interest me. But for some random reason, I decided it was a good idea to stop by, and I`m glad I did. Why? Because I probably found the `solution` to my boot problem! I found the Hollywood Fashion Secrets Boot Straps. The purpose of this product is to create a `smooth tuck-in` for your pants when you wear boots.

How it works: You take one boot strap and you undo the velcro and you slip your leg through the hole. Next you wrap the strap around your ankle or calf (including the pants) for a smooth look.

First Impressions:

-When I first saw this, I was super excited and knew I had to get it because I have been desperately looking for a solution to this tedious problem.

-Design: The boot straps are basically two strips of velcro...nothing too special. I was expecting it to be this super cool product, but sadly I was a bit let down.

-Colour: They are black with the Hollywood Fashion Secrets logo on it.

-Price: One pair of boot straps will cost you $16.99 CAD. Honestly, I think it`s a bit overpriced for paying for two strips of velcro. If I saw this product before, I`d probably just go buy think strips of velcro and cut them so they fit my legs. But taking the effort and time to find the strips and measuring and cutting it isn`t really worth it.

Do you dislike your pants scrunching up when you wear boots? Have you tried these before?

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