Boomerang Throwing-Yes, Its a Sport!

5 years ago

Even though it might seem strange to see this as an actual sport and not just a fun activity, boomerang throwing is considered an actual sport with championships and associations worldwide.
If you are wondering how a competition of boomerang works, you have different circles with different radius and each of them have different value points and the main point and that the participants try to aim at is the center with a 10 meters radius and worth 10 points. There actually seem to be much more to it, which i was surprised about because i thought it was just to see who throw the boomerang more far away.

Also, when you think of it, boomerang throwing can even have to fitness/health benefits. It can be a relaxing experience to just be out in a open field; it can work your core, at least i think it does, because of the throwing movement; it can also have a bit of cardio into it because even though the boomerang gets back, it doesn`t land exactly where you throw it and so you have to chase it and get it again.
It probably has some more benefits but these are the ones i can think of now.

Now, the next time you throw a boomerang you might see it in a different way and know that there are people that actually compete to see who throws farther away.

<strong>Did you ever saw boomerang throwing as a sport?
Have you ever trowed a boomerang? Did the boomerang returned?</strong>

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