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I`m a huge fan of Tablo`s work, both writing and music. So when Pieces of You was published, it was a book I knew I had to read...and one I definitely don`t regret reading at all. In fact, it`s a book I reread almost on a daily basis. The book consists of ten short stories (Andante, Counting Pulses, Break, The Rat, Matchbox, A Glass of Victory, The Walls of Our World, Hate Crime, Coup de Grace, and Strawberry Fields Forever), all written during his college career from 1998 to 2001.

The central theme among the ten short stories is self reflection during that time of true loneliness and depression for Tablo. His writing reflects his personality very well and the stories are very relatable. For me personally, my favorite of the ten is "Strawberry Fields Forever". It`s a short story that talks about the fast-paced nature of life and how we sometimes forget to appreciate what we have because of this quickness in our lives.

Tablo`s writing is definitely something to keep an eye on because it is absolutely amazing. Check out Pieces of You if you ever get the chance. His music (as well as Epik High`s) is great too, just as a side note. :)

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