BOOK | The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The book has a slow start, but when it comes to the part where all its revealed (and trust me! You will not expect that) we can tell a crescendo in the action, an urge in the words the author is making us read and the curiosity inside us keeps on growing.

I decided I really have a little crush on Peeta. He grows inside of us in this book. We can say Gale is a softie even bellow all that coal dust. Katniss... I can somewhat relate to her.

The ending is unexpected. And from the two this one is my favorite book.

The story kicked off with a psychological approach that examined the effects that overtook Katniss during her journey in the Capitol. It was very insightful to revisit the games as Katniss returned to life in District 12 with her new home in the Victors Village. Haymitch`s past is also revealed and it`s surprisingly sensitive and unpredictable.

Several new characters were introduced and my favorite is Finnick a quirky, handsome fellow from District 4 he adds a humorous element to the story.

I liked seeing more of Peeta. His intelligence and charisma were highlighted, as well as the true depth and dedication to his love for Katniss.

I recomend this book, it`s one of the best ones I`ve read in a while.

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