Book Review: You Suck - A Love Story by Christopher Moore

5 years ago

This novel is the sequel to Bloodsucking Fiends, which is also by Christopher Moore. You can see my review of it /viz/book-review-bloodsucking-fiends-christopher-moore. The first novel was published in 1995, whereas this one was published in 2007. Obviously, a lot of time has passed between the first and second books, but You Suck picks up right where Bloodsucking Fiends leaves off. :) *SPOILER ALERT! (for those who haven`t, but are planning on reading the first novel* At the beginning of You Suck, we find out that the protagonist, Jody, who is a vampire, has turned her boyfriend Tommy into a vampire, as well. As Jody had to navigate her new afterlife, now Tommy does, too. Tommy`s friends have run off to Vegas to spend a huge amount of money that they stole from an ancient vampire that they *thought* they had killed. Well, Tommy`s friends come back, and they`ve run out money. Then, they find out that the ancient vampire isn`t dead after all. That`s when everything runs amok! XD There were a few new characters introduced in this novel, and my favourite was Abby, a minion employed by Jody and Tommy. She`s a goth teenage girl, and we get to see her diary entries, which are hilarious. It`s worth reading the book just to see what her character has to say about certain things. The only major issue that I had with this novel is the same one as I had with the prequel - insensitive humour. Maybe I`m a bit too sensitive, but it did rub me the wrong way. On the whole though, I really liked the book, and will be reading the third (and final?) instalment in the series, Bite Me. XD
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