Book review: The Hunger Games Book 2-Catching Fire!

5 years ago

Hi everyone!

I just finished reading Book 2 of the Hunger games trilogy called- Catching fire and omg it was good! I really love this one! The story has really developed and things are happening that I never saw coming.

The book starts off exactly where they left off in book 1. Katniss and Peeta have money, an abundance of food and live in Victor Village.District 12 is benefiting from their victory and things are supposed to be going happily ever after.

Except the way katniss and Peeta won the hunger games has pissed off the Capitol. They are not going to make them get away with that so easily and the ever present danger of the Capitol and its power starts to loom.

Will they kill their families? Will they kill them? It would be foolish to think they`re safe from the Capitol.Bad things start happening not only in the other districts but in district 12 as well.The Capitol is making evey effort to make sure no one defies them...and does this by killing and punishing those who choose to do so.

Just when things are reaching breaking point...the Capitol drops the bomb announcing a special event called the Quarter Quell for the 75th hunger games. I don`t want to get into too much because I would spoil the story for you.But I really liked this storyline and there was a lot of action and danger in this book which is what I wanted from book 1!

I recommend reading this series! The ending of book 2 was climatic and ofcourse the author left us hanging, wanting more so I can`t wait to start book 3-The mockingjay.

I can`t make my mind up about Katniss. She annoys me sometimes but she is lucky to be surrounded by some smart people.

There are some interesting new characters in this book...the most important being Finnick.

Have you read this one? What did you think about it?

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