Book review: The Hunger Games Book 1!!!

5 years ago

Hi everyone!

So just about everyone in the world have been talking about The Hunger Games (even my mother was asking me about it lol). Many of my friends have already seen the movie but I wanted to finish the book before I do...and I`m glad I waited!

So I started this book last week but I got bored. This weekend I got encouraged to finish read it by some friends and ofcourse on luuux Martha told me she found the beginning slow but she liked it afterwards. So I continued reading it!

The beginning of the book explained the 12 different districts that make up Panem and life for Katniss,her sister Prim and mother in District 12-The coal mining district (poor!). Katniss` father died in a coal mining incident and she has the responsibility to provide for her family (hard life).

Katniss is a skilled hunter,taught by her dad and of course her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow! But things are really hard and they can only manage to stay alive.

When Prim is chosen as a tribute for her district, her older sister katniss volunteers to take her place. Each district has 2 tributes-male and female that enter the hunger games for the entertainment of the Capitol people (rich,awful ppl etc).

These children (24 in all) must fight to the death until only one is standing. The victor will get rich and live in the rich parts of the district-victor village.

The parts I started liking were when Katniss and Peeta(the male tribute from District 12) entered the Capitol and they were introduced to their styling crew and mentor (around page 90). All the fuss to prepare them for the games and then the games itself.

I think the games itself was a little disappointing because I did not feel any suspense or scared for katniss. I believe the author should have made the games a little more dangerous and the other tributes a little more challenging and scary. I wanted more action scenes and fights!

I also did not like Peeta lol. What did you think about him? Would you stick around to save an injured person even though you don`t need them really?

I think he slowed down katniss a lot!

Anyways, I want to see the movie to see how they portray the Capitol people like Cinna and the other characters.

Do you have a favourite character from the book?
I think Haymitch is an interesting character and the Capitol people intrigue me with their muttations and insane technology.

I am going to start to read book 2 today. Have you read it already?

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