Book Review: Ghost Stories and Mysterious Creatures of British Columbia

5 years ago

I got this book from a someone as a gift, which is kind of funny, as I had this book when I was 14, but I lost it! I even did a report for school on one of the stories in the book, lol. But anyways! I am now reading it again, and it`s kind of fun!

These ghost stories are all based on hearsay, folklore, etc. from British Columbia, Canada, which is the province in which I live. I`m enjoying hearing spooky stories about places that I recognize. But the author, Barbara Smith, has a writing style that I don`t like too much. It`s sort of amateurish and sensationalistic at times...I`m pretty sure the phrase "the spirit met their final reward" was repeated twenty times throughout the book, lol. Sometimes, I find the writing to be boring, even though I am reading about ghosts! Nevertheless, the stories themselves are interesting. Some of them are really quite spooky.

I`d have to say that the scariest story in this book is the one about a "possessed" doll. Apparently, a woman found it in her grandmother`s trunk, and soon afterward, she started hearing a baby crying and feeling strange gusts of wind throughout her house. She didn`t want to keep it after all this creepy business started happening, so she donated it to a museum. Now, the museum requires all their items to be photographed, so that a record of them can be kept. Apparently, this doll does NOT like to be Photos taken of it won`t develop, or cameras will malfunction, etc. Some employees tried to take photos for the museum catalogue, and left the photos in the developing room overnight. The next morning, the developing room had been trashed, and the photos of the doll had been ruined...spooky! Funnily enough, though, there is a picture of this doll in the book. It is SUPER CREEPY looking - it`s no wonder people think it`s possessed. Whether you believe in spirits or not, that doll is just not pleasant to look at! ;)

Whether the stories are "true" or not, I enjoyed the stories in this book. The writing wasn`t the best, but it was still an interesting read!

<strong>Do you enjoy ghost stories? =)</strong>

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