Book Review: Eve by Anna Carey

5 years ago

Overall I enjoyed reading this one, and Im really interested to see how the rest of the trilogy plays out.

Things that I liked. The characterization was great. Eve, though grated my nerves at times, was very well portrayed as were Arden and Caleb. Even the minor characters such as the boys from the dugout or the couple from the safe house were realistically portrayed and fleshed out characters. I love reading stories where the characters feel like real people. The characters in Eve are just that.

I also liked the overall plot to the story. Heres a world that has saw devastation from a plague, 98% of the population is wiped out, where do they go from here? I think Careys portrayal of the world was rather realistic. I dont want to go into much about what these characters go through and what their world expects from them but its eerily realistic. I didnt get the ending I wanted, but it was an exceptional ending!

What didnt work for me. Eves transition. Shes been brainwashed her entire life to believing certain things, and in a matter of days shes gone from that discipled, naive school girl to a seasoned, brave conqueror. Some of the difficulties that Eve faces were a bit predictable at times as well.

Readers who are looking for a introduction to the dystopian genre should pick this one up!

You might like Eve if you like books by: Kimberly Derting, Bree Despain & Suzanne Young.

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