Book Review: Emily Giffin`s Heart of the Matter

5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! So lately I`ve been on a reading kick and wanting to read light/easy books that I can finish relatively fast. I decided to read another one of Emily Giffin`s books, Heart of the Matter. You can read the summary of the book on wikipedia since we`re not allowed to post anything that`s not written by ourselves anymore. If you read my review on the last Emily Giffin`s book that I read, you would know I was a bit annoyed with the character in it. Fortunately this book was written in a way that there were two point of views from two different women. Each chapter was narrated by a different woman and you get to see how both women are and how they are dealing with things. I don`t want to ruin too much of the book, but I think like all of Emily Giffin`s books, there`s some sort of cheating scandal. This book was really interesting because we, as the readers, get to see what the woman the guy is cheating on is thinking and feeling and what the other woman is thinking and feeling as well. I think many times, the author doesn`t really show both sides of the relationship, and would only display the feelings of the one being cheated on or the one being cheated with. I definitely enjoyed this book better than Baby Proof; I would recommend this book to whoever`s looking forward to an easy/light book to read. It definitely doesn`t take that long to finish the book and if you`re annoyed of one of the character, there`s another character that you might not be annoyed of. However, this might be the last Emily Giffin book I will read for a bit; I think I`m getting tired of her plot lines. Here are my reviews of the other two books I`ve read from Emily Giffin if you want to read them as well: /viz/book-review-emily-giffins-baby-proof & /viz/book-review-emily-giffins-love-one-youre. Have you guys read this book before? Have you read any book by Emily Giffin? Got comments, questions, or suggestions? Leave them in the comment section below! *image not mine; taken from the link provided in the source link below*

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