Book Review - The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

4 years ago

I think that writing a good book review is something you learn with time and practice... needless to say, I`m still learning ... I did my best ...

What can I say about this book? It grabs you and keeps you close. This is a story about a serial killer, his favorite victim and the detectives that are devoted to catching him . He stays in the shadows and watches his prey. He`s always one step ahead of the police. Who is he, where is he?

Catherine Cordell is the one that got away. The only prey that survived his hunt. She`s the one that teases him and provokes him. All the while, she has no clue why she is so important to him. Thomas Moore is a police homicide detective. He`s nicknamed St. Thomas Moore because he always does that right thing. He`s smart and quiet. Jane Rizzoli is also a police homicide detective. She´s intelligent, dedicated and has a lot to prove. She and Thomas Moore work together to solve this mystery and catch the serial killer. The hardest part of this case is that everyone believes that this killer died, killed by Catherine Cordell, two years ago. So who is THIS person? A copycat? A partner? Who is he?

I really enjoyed this book. This book has suspense and romance. The solving of the murders is the main plot. All the while there are other things going on ... Thomas Moore´s struggle to move on from the loss of his beloved wife, Jane Rizzoli`s emotional and professional struggles, Catherine Cordell`s struggles to balance the woman she wants to be and the woman she has become. We also get little glimpses of what the killer is thinking and feeling about events that have happened in his life and are currently happening in the story. Each page urges you to read more, learn more. Cool book. I read a portuguese edition.

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