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When I go grocery shopping, one of my favorite aisles to look at are the smoothies and juices. I came across new Bolthouse Farm Juices and I wanted to try out a few so I bought two to start off with. I bought Multi-V Goodness and Tropical Goodness. I chose these because they contain exotic fruits and fruits I don`t eat often.

What`s in the Multi-V Goodness?
- 6 1/2 Cherries
- 20 Cranberries
- 1 Peach
- 9 1/2 Berries
- 17 Pomegrante Arils

According to the description this juice contains 100% Daily Vitamins and 32% Daily Value of Dietary Fiber.

Thoughts on this drink? This drink contains 32% Fiber, you can`t go wrong with a tasty drink that also has fiber right? The combination of the ingredients taste really delicious!

What`s in the Tropical Goodness?
- 3/4 Coconut
- 1/2 Guava
- 1/4 Orange
- 1/4 Banana
- A splash of Pineapple & Dragon Fruit

Thoughts? What caught my attention is that there are chia seeds in this drink. Chia seeds are to be known as really healthy so I bought this. The taste of this drink was `unique` at first I didn`t like it but then I got used to the drink - I think it`s because of the taste of coconut. Nonetheless the drink is refreshing. The product claims that this drink has 25% daily value of Vitamin A to help with healthy skin and eyes, 80% Vitamin C helps immune system and 20% daily Vitamin E for antioxidant to help fight radicals.

Overall Conclusion: Both drinks are refreshing and definitely a drink I would reconsider to purchase. I can`t wait to try other new juices I saw!

Have you tried any of the Bolthouse Farm Juices? Do you have a favorite?

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