Bok Choy

4 years ago

this is a vegetable i`ve eaten for as long as i can remember... i feel like a lot of chinese people can say that too! i`ve literally been eating this stuff my whole life, or at least since i could chew solid foods. my parents have always prepared it the same way too. they cook it in the wok with water and a little oil and a bit of garlic, and that`s it!

bok choy is one of the veggies i think HAS to be cooked to taste good. if you order it from a restaurant, i think they cook it a little too much... they use high flames and LOTS of oil (chinese restaurants, i`m looking at you! trying to give me heart disease...) when really, you can prepare it so simply.

when i was younger, i used to dig right into the bowl or plate of bok choy and try and find all the "hearts" or "centers." my parents always peel off the outer layers but the centers were my favorite because they were usually more tender, unless it was one of those times my parents undercooked it a little. otherwise, it was always the piece i fought for! now that i`m older, my parents make me give those to my sister. i still sneak a few into my bowl first though ;)

do you have any foods you`ve been eating for as long as you can remember?

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