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5 years ago

Hi everyone! I have seen many posts on this subject, so I decided to finally share my body splash or body mist collection. Some people find body sprays to be the same thing as perfumes, so they usually put them in the same post. However, this post does not contain any of my perfumes. But I will be posting a perfume collection in the near future. I have been collecting body sprays for as long as I can remember. I purchased my first body spray back in 2005 (Calgon Take Me Away Get Juic`d in Mango Starfruit). So it has been about 7 years you could say. I actually prefer body sprays over perfumes since I have such a sensitive nose and am mostly allergic to most perfumes. You will notice that most of my scents are either fruity, fresh or citrusy. I am not very great at describing scents, so I will try my best to describe them. So here is my collection from Left to Right:

-Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist. I purchased this during Boxing Week back in December 2011. The Body Shop was having a huge sale so I decided to pick up 3 of these since they were only $3 a bottle. I do not use this body spray on a daily basis since it is quite strong. But I usually use this after working out. Funny thing is that, since it is a bit too strong for my nose, I actually use one of these bottles as a bathroom spray. This is a very fresh scent so I guess I can get away with it. It smells like fresh laundry in my opinion.

-Bath and Body Works Pearberry Body Splash. I picked this body spray up during their Semi Annual Sales back during June 2011. Since I loved the scent so much, I picked up 4 bottles of this. Hahaha, yes, 4 bottles is a bit much, but I had to stock up since this was a discontinued scent. The bottle says that this scent is composed of pears and strawberries. In my opinion, I mostly smell the juicy pears. I absolutely adore this scent and find that I can get away with wearing this year round.

-Victoria`s Secret in Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist. The bottle says that this is made of red plum and freesia. This is a very sweet scent and I mostly smell the plum. This is my favourite scent from Victoria`s Secret. I used to wear this scent all the time when I was in junior high but have not used it since. I recently picked up 2 bottles of this during their Semi Annual Sale. I like to spray my PJs with this scent...

-Calgon Take Me Away Get Juic`d in Mango Starfuit. This was my very first body spray. I remembered that I purchased this at London Drugs. Since this scent is discontinued, I have not used this since. I like to keep it as a memory of my very first body spray. This spray is very sweet smelling. I can mostly smell the mangos rather than the starfruit.

-Victoria`s Secret Pink All Over Body Mist in Pretty & Pure. This is my favourite scent by Pink. It is very fresh and light citrus scent. It is supposed to smell like jasmine and pink lemonade. But I mostly smell the lemonade. My friend thinks it smells like pineapples for some reason...

-Victoria`s Secret Pink All Over Body Mist in Sweet & Flirty. At first, this used to be my favourite Pink scent, but now not so much. It is supposed to smell like wild berries and grapefruit. But I mostly smell the wild berries. This is a very sweet scent in my opinion.

-Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin Body Mist. I find that this smells more orange like than mango. It is not very sweet. Mango Mandarin has been my favourite Bath and Body Works scent for a very long time. Once I heard that it was being discontinued, I freaked out and bought 15 bottles, hahaha. Now I find that I do not really like the scent as much as I used to. So I some how have to find a way to finish 15 bottles of this scent. Not to mention the shampoo and conditioner I have in this scent and the 35 bottles of body lotion I have...

-Victoria`s Secret Mango Temptation Fragrance Mist. This is supposed to smell like mango nectar and hibiscus. I mostly smell the mango. I picked this up during their Semi Annual Sale along with the 2 bottles of Pure Seduction. I have not used this scent yet, since I am waiting to use it during the warmer months.

-Bath and Body Works Bali Mango Fragrance Mist. When this scent came out last year, I immediately fell in love with it. This is a very sweet mango scent. I heard that they were discontinuing this scent, so I freaked out again and bought 9 bottles. I actually still really enjoy the scent of this, so I can actually finish the 9 bottles. I found out this year that they reintroduced the Bali Mango, but the only difference was the packaging. I am quite glad that they brought it back. I think I may go and pick up a few more bottles since I am scared that this is the last year they will be carrying it.

So that is my body spray or body mist or fragrance mist collection. If you have not noticed by now, I am very into mango scents. Hahaha, I just cannot get enough of mangos. :p Mangos are actually one of my favourite fruits. I hope you enjoyed my collection. And if you enjoy the scent of mangos, I highly recommend these scents. I am planning on expanding my collection, so please feel free to recommend me any scents that you enjoy!

Do you like the scent of mangos? What is your favourite body spray?
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