Body Image: A picture says 1,000 words?

4 years ago

I was browsing through my Tumblr dashboard the other day, when i came across this picture. This picture didn`t get the usual reaction that most of the pictures do that i see on tumblr. Most of the pictures i see on a day to day basis get a quick reblog because it looks cool, or its funny. But this picture was different, it hit me on an entirely different level. As a teenager I have struggled with self confidence and low self esteem related issues, as many teenage girls have. I don`t know a single girl who is completely confident with her body image. But yet, i never fully understood why i felt this way, i always thought that i was the problem, that i needed to change. Up until the moment i saw this picture. When i saw this picture, it was like everything had become clear to me. I had realized that i have been idolizing these girls on the above add, since i can remember. I thought once that i had grown into my `woman body` i would look just like them. But clearly, i was mistaken. We need more add`s like the `dove` add. This add put me at ease, it took a weight off of my shoulder, the voice in back of my mind telling me that i need to look like a supermodel to be happy, that i can`t eat a piece of chocolate without feeling guilty. You could take anybody off the street and place them in the dove add! no questions asked.. What would happen if you were to do the same thing, but place them in the add above?
Dove, thankyou. Take care of your bodies, stay healthy, stay happy!

Beauty Blabber!
1.) What goes through your mind when you see this picture?
2.) Have you ever struggled with self confidence?
3.) Do you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to celebrities, or magazine photos, models, etc?

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